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instagram is a travel portal through which we promote different tourists and pilgrimage destinations all over the world. We are a competent Service Travel Agent who help you with competitive package holidays, flights, rail travel, sightseeing etc. with professional guides and quality services .Madhuri’s German Academy  is our sister concern giving German and other Foreign language Trainings from A1 to B2 level.  Medical professionals with B2 Level are most sought after in Germany. AYURCHAKRA is our online spiritual and holistic healing center offering  Chakra Meditation consisting of Chakra Cleaning and  Psychotherapy Sessions.  

Our Team.

AyurReise began its operation in 2013 as a sole proprietorship  under Dr. Sajan K Sebastian a known name in the tourism industry as a German speaking tour Leader for the last 20 years. Being a faculty in the Tourism College of Govt of Kerala (KITTS) he has given training to many professionals in the tourism industry.

Vision and Mission

The two words of our name suggests our mission and vision. It’s a combination of  two words from Indo German languages.,, Ayur’’ in Sanskrit means “Life”  and “Reise”  in German means ” Journey”.  Our  slogan is ” Life with a vision and Journey with a mission”. AyurReise believes “Travelling is the most beautiful time in life.  If this travelling is with a mission to put a little light in the sufferings of our  fellow beings in another countries ,it will add more sweetness  to the beauty of the travel..  AyurReise wants to facilitate the travel needs of everyone who wants to visit India. We want to lend a helping hand in the educational sector of under developed rural areas of India.  The projects will be in association with different Charitable trusts of the missions of the church in India.

We want to let the world see and experience India and through their visit let the economy of India be flourished  and one sixth of world population living  in India be flourished and be a model for other citizens around the world.




Stärken Sie Ihr Immunsystem und schützen Sie Ihren Körper und Geist durch Chakra-Meditation.

Energize your body and mind through Yoga/Ayurveda and Meditation. ( Holistic Healing-online and offline : Combination of Psychotherapy, and energy healing and aura healing)

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